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  • Armolik Single Malt Classic 46% ABV

    Type: Single Malt Whisky

    As a marriage of sherry and bourbon casks of different ages, it highlights the quality of the ageing on the Breton Coasts.
    Nose: Full-bodied and elegant, with notes of dried fruit (hazelnut) and toasted bread.
    Palate: A fruity attack that gradually reveals its complexity, on notes of dried fruit and cereals, highlighted with spices.
    Finish: Spicy and marine, it is savoured at length.

  • Armolik Single Malt Double Matured 46% ABV

    Type: Single Malt Whisky

    Genuine symbol of the Distillery’s values, this Armorik highlights both the quality of its know-how and its attachment to the Breton land. In partnership with a local cooper, the Distillery designed unique Brittany oak casks. Armorik Double Maturation remains in them for many long years before being transferred into Oloroso sherry casks for a second maturation. Reduced to 46% and non-chill filtered, it pleases through its richness and elegance.
    Nose: Fruity and elegant, it has wonderful citrus and apple notes, highlighted by salted butter caramel fragrance.
    Palate: Fine woody notes rapidly changed on to cereal ones, all with an unsuspected fullness.
    Finish: Touches of heather honey perfume, the finish in the mouth is sustained by the cereals and pleasant marine notes.

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  • Balcones Baby Blue

  • Balcones Brimestone

  • Balcones Rumble

  • Balcones Texas Single Malt

  • Ballotin Caramel Turtle

  • Ballotin Original Chocolate

  • Barrel Whiskey

  • Bastille French Whisky 40% ABV

    Distillery: Daucourt Ste, Angouleme, France

    Handmade and finished in French Limousin Oak Casks

  • Bernheim Wheat 45% ABV

    Distillery: Heaven Hill Distillery

    Wheat gives the Whiskey a softer taste than Bourbon. This Wheat Whiskey has sweet aromas of vanilla and honey, and flavors of toffee, berries and spice with fresh mint.

  • Bird Dog Cinnamon 40% ABV

  • Bird Dog Maple 40% ABV

    Type: Flavored Whiskey

    Using quality Kentucky bourbon stock and real maple syrup, Bird Dog Maple Flavored Whiskey is one of the most versatile spirits on the market. After one sip, the rich taste proves itself as a great sipping whiskey or a masterful ingredient for all types of mixology.

  • Bird Dog Peach

  • Bird Dog Peppermint 40% ABV

    Bird Dog Peppermint Moonshine is made from the finest grains that have been distilled a minimum four times for superior smoothness.

    Bird Dog Peppermint Moonshine infuses natural peppermint flavors and is finished in a meticulous filtration process. The result is a fresh, reviving taste that glistens with every sip!

  • Bison Ridge Special Reserve Canadian Whisky 40% ABV

    Aged: 8 years

  • Breaking & Entering American

  • C
  • Canadian Club

  • Canadian Club 41

  • Canadian Club 9 Year 40% ABV

    Aged: 9 years

    This whisky is aged for a full 9 years, bringing out the oak notes of the barrels and a spicier, more robust taste profile. Perfect for sipping neat, or enjoying a classic cocktail.

  • Canadian Club Apple

  • Canadian Club Classic 12 40% ABV

    Type: Blended Canadian Whisky

    Aged: 12 years

    Aroma: Soft, round, fully-balanced and creamy. Fruity and firm
    Taste: Delicate spiciness and creamy vanilla, in balance with rich wood and luxurious honey
    Finish: Long and dry with enduring presence of butterscotch

  • Canadian Club Small Batch Sherry 41.3% ABV

    Type: Blended Canadian Whiskey

    Aged: 8 years

    A special edition CC, made in very small quantities from the finest whiskies aged at least eight years in white oak barrels, then double matured in sherry casks imported from Jerez in Spain.

  • Caribou Crossing 40% ABV

    Type: Single Barrel Canadian Whiskey

    Caribou Crossing is the world’s first single barrel Canadian whisky, selected from finest whisky available from inventory of more than 200,000 barrels. The whisky has been patiently aged in oak for many years to give it a rich and complex yet smooth flavor. Each barrel is then bottled individually with expert care and skill under rigorous quality standards.

  • Cascade Blonde

  • Cask & Crew Ginger Spice

  • Cleveland Underground Applewood

  • Cleveland Underground Black Cherry

  • Cleveland Underground Hickory

  • Cleveland Underground Locust

  • Cleveland Underground Maple

  • Clyde May’s 42.5% ABV

    Clyde May’s Whiskey continues to be made from the same recipe that Kenneth’s father perfected nearly 50 years ago — a mash of corn, rye and malted barley. Once the grains are distilled, they are aged in oak barrels for an average of five to six years. Clyde May’s Whiskey has a soft, gentle flavor, and sweet notes of honey, caramel and apple that continue to pay homage to its namesake.

  • Clyde May’s 110 55% ABV

    Type: Alabama Style Whiskey

  • Clyde May’s 8yr Cask

  • Clyde May’s 9yr Cask

  • Collingwood 40% ABV

    Type: Blended Canadian Whiskey

    A Canadian whisky created using the knowledge of Chris Morris, master distiller of Jack Daniel’s owners Brown-Forman, mellowing Collingwood’s blended spirit with maple wood for a sweet and rich dram.

  • Corsair Quinoa 46% ABV

    Distillery: Corsair Distillery

    Type: American Whiskey

    American Whiskey Pot Distilled from Quinoa and Malted Barley
    Quinoa is a South American grain crop grown for its seeds. Quinoa adds an earthy and nutty flavor to the whiskey. Quinoa seeds come in red, white, and black varieties. This whiskey uses red and white quinoa grains.

  • Corsair Triple Smoke 40% ABV

    Distillery: Corsair Distillery

    Type: American Malt Whiskey

    We take three fractions of malted barley, each smoked by a different fuel – Cherry wood, peat, and beechwood – to craft this deeply complex whiskey. Pot distilled then barreled in new charred oak, Triple Smoke has the sweetness and barrel notes of an American Whiskey and a Single Malt’s rich smoke, broadened by tones of cherry and beech. Excellent mixed or neat. – Corsair Distillery

  • Crown Royal 40% ABV

    Distillery: Crown Royal Distilling Company

    Type: Blended Canadian Whiskey

    Crown Royal Deluxe is the standard of excellence for Canadian whisky. It is an extraordinary blend of 50 full-bodied Canadian whiskies, matured to perfection.


    Distillery: Crown Royal Distilling Company

    Type: Blended Canadian Whiskey

    Meticulously crafted using some of the finest, most unique hand-picked whiskies from our extensive stocks. The result is an exceptionally rich and smooth whisky highlighting an elegant complexity of light spice and dried fruit. Sip neat.

  • Crown Royal Apple 35% ABV

    Distillery: Crown Royal Distilling Company

    Type: Apple Canadian Whisky

    To create this extraordinary blend, Crown Royal whiskies are hand-selected by our master whisky blenders and infused with Regal Gala Apples and apple flavors. The result is a delicious Canadian whisky balanced with notes of crisp apple flavor. – Crown Royal

  • Crown Royal Black 45% ABV

    Distillery: Crown Royal Distilling Company

    Type: Blended Canadian Whiskey

    Crown Royal Black is a rich and flavorful blend of Canadian whisky. All the signature smoothness of Crown Royal, matured in charred oak barrels and blended at a higher proof for a richer texture and bold finish.

  • Crown Royal Bourbon Mash

  • Crown Royal Honey 40% ABV

    Distillery: Crown Royal Distilling Company

    Type: Maple Flavored Whisky

    Crown Royal Maple Finished Whisky is an exceptional blend that combines maple flavor with the distinctive smoothness and character of Crown Royal blended whiskies. The blend is then finished in maple-toasted oak to deliver a uniquely smooth experience.

  • Crown Royal Maple

  • Crown Royal Peach

  • Crown Royal Salted Caramel

  • Crown Royal Vanilla

  • Crown Royal XO 40% ABV

    Distillery: Crown Royal Distilling Company

    Type: Blended Canadian Whiskey

    Crown Royal XO furthers the signature blend from 50 of our finest whiskies, and then finishes them in cognac casks. Resulting in both an extraordinarily complex and smooth expression, Crown Royal XO is an elegant whisky that is deliciously balanced with hints of vanilla, spice and rich dry fruit. – Crown Royal

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  • Death’s Door White Whiskey 50% ABV

    Distillery: Death's Door Spirits

    Type: White Whiskey

    Death’s Door White Whisky was a pioneer in the whisky category and has an 80:20 mash bill of hard red winter wheat to malted barley. The unique character of this spirit starts back in the process of fermenting the grains- utilizing a champagne yeast rather than a traditional whisky yeast. The spirit is then double-distilled up to 160 proof (80% ABV), rested in stainless steel and finished in uncharred Minnesota oak barrels to help bring the “white whisky” together and to meld this unique spirits’ flavors. The bouquet is one part “South of the Border”: artisanal cachaça, tequila; and one part “Eastern”: sweet potato shochu/soju and earthy sake. Yet, the palate is unmistakably whisky: a smooth double-distilled varietal with vanilla, chocolate covered raisin, and dark cherry flavors.

  • Detroit City Distillery Bloodline 47% ABV

    Distillery: Detroit City Distillery

    Type: Whiskey

    Aged: 1 year

    When making a spirit for the revolutionaries rewriting the history of a great American city, it is important to honor your past. The legends of prohibition and the legacy of industry inspire a whiskey that is unabashedly original. Produced in small batches using Michigan barley, winter wheat and specialty malts, this is the next generation of whiskey made the old fashioned way.

  • Dock 57 Blackberry Whiskey by Canadian Club 40% ABV

    Distillery: Canadian Club

    Type: Blackberry Canadian Whisky

    Our whisky is inspired by the historic shipping dock in Windsor, Ontario, the origin of Canadian Club and the start of many adventures during the prohibition in the 1920’s. With this rich history we proudly gave the name Dock No.57 to our Canadian Club Whisky bringing an adventurous blend of flavour and character together, in one bottle. Made with Real Canadian Club Whisky and a hint of flavour. – Canadian Club

  • Double Day Classic Whiskey

  • Dry Fly Wheat 45% ABV

    Distillery: Dry Fly Distilling

    Type: Straight Wheat Whiskey

    Aged: 3 years

    Dry Fly Washington Wheat Whiskey is 100% local soft white wheat. It is distilled twice in traditional American whiskey style. Then it is aged minimum 3 years in new 53-gallon American Oak barrels with a #3 char.

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  • Entrapment Orphan Barrel

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  • Forty Creek Barrel Select 40% ABV

    Distillery: Forty Creek Distillery

    Type: Canadian Whiskey

    Forty Creek Barrel Select Whisky is a premium Canadian Whisky.

    The barrels chosen for Forty Creek Barrel Select are selected for their unique characteristics and the rich earthiness they provide to the spirit.

    The Result is a unique whisky that is smooth and mellow but also intense and complex with a character of its own.

  • Fourty Creek Confederation Oak

  • Fourty Creek Dbl Barrel Reserve

  • Fukano Whiskey

  • Fukano Whiskey 12 Yr Single Cask

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  • G. Rozelieures French Single Malt

  • G. Rozelieures French Single Malt Fume’ 46% ABV

    Type: Single Malt French Whisky

    Aged: 4-6 years

    A delicious, smoky whisky, aged in 100% first-fill sherry casks (Fino, Oloroso, and Pedro Ximénez).
    6-8 years old.

  • G. Rozelieures French Single Malt Origine 40% ABV

    Type: Single Malt French Whisky

    Aged: 4 years

    The Rozelieures Origine Collection is the first whisky produced in Lorraine. It is a vatting of whisky aged in sherry and cognac casks. These barrels confer this whisky with spicy and powerful lively notes of dried fruit.
    Min. 4 years old.

  • G. Rozelieures French Single Malt Tourbe’ 46% ABV

    Type: Single Malt French Whisky

    Bright gold color. Earthy, green aromas of spice cake, caramelized fruits, grains and nuts, warm milk with cinnamon, and grass with a round, fruity medium body and a warming, complex, long grilled pineapple and sweet potato, toasted herb date muffin, smoky minerals, and chili pepper finish. A complex smoked nuanced whisky with lots of exotic flavor twists and turns.

  • Grand Traverse Cherry 40% ABV

    Distillery: Grand Traverse Distillery

    Our Cherry Whiskey is a two-year-old straight bourbon that we produce in house. After we distill and age it we blend in about a 3% ratio of tart cherry concentrate from Leelanau Fruit Company. Like our regular Bourbon you will pick up notes of tobacco, vanilla and oak and it finishes with a subtle natural cherry flourish. This is an 80 proof whiskey with a smooth cherry finish, not sweet. Great for Manhattans or Whiskey Sours!

  • Grand Traverse Corn

  • Gray Skies Single Malt

  • Great King St. 43% ABV

    Distillery: Compass Box Distillery

    Type: Blended Whiskey

    Rich, round, fruity. Artist’s Blend is a tribute to a time when blenders used an artistry, creativity and craft to make this combination of flavourful single malt whiskies and delicate single grain whiskies one of the world’s most famous drinks.

  • Green Door First Accent

  • H
  • Hakusha 43% ABV

    Type: Japanese Single Malt Whisky

    Aged: 12 years

    A perennial favourite and a must-try for anyone interested in discovering Japanese whisky. Hakushu is owned by Suntory, founders of the first Japanese distillery, Yamazaki. The original Hakushu distillery was built in 1973, with another distillery building called Hakushu Higashi (west) added in 1981.

  • Hatfield And McCoy 40% ABV

    Distillery: Local Choice Spirits Distillery

    The goal was simple: make a proprietary, top-quality whiskey inspired by family recipes, that every workingman can afford and be proud to drink. The Hatfield and McCoy families hunted high and low for a partner who could take their 150 years of moonshine and whiskey tradition and do what their ancestors never could—make it legal.

    So they befriended Local Choice, an award-winning distiller out of Charleston, South Carolina, to partner with them to make a whiskey worthy of their legendary names.

  • Hibiki 43% ABV

    Type: Japanese Blended Whiskey

    Aged: 12 years

    A stunning 12 year-old blend from Hibiki, some of the whisky has been part-matured in plum liqueur casks. Lovely malt from Hakushu and Yamazaki, plus some aged grain from Chita, this terrific Japanese blend picked up the top prize in its category at the World Whisky Awards 2010.

  • Hibiki Harmony 43% ABV

    Type: Japanese Blended Whiskey

    Hibiki Japanese Harmony is a blend of Japanese malt and grain whiskies from Yamazaki, Hakushu and Chita. Presented in the brand’s trademark 24-faceted bottle representing the Japanese seasons, this is light, approachable and moreish with enticing notes of orange peel and white chocolate.

  • High West Barreled Manhattan 37% ABV

    Distillery: High West Distillery. Salt Lake City, UT

    Type: Straight Rye Whiskey and Vermouth

    Straight Rye Whiskey and Vermouth aged 90-120 days
    Aged in charred, white American oak; Blended cocktails finished in used MGP rye barrels (2nd use charred white American oak ex-rye or ex-bourbon barrels)

  • High West Campfire 46% ABV

    Distillery: High West Distillery. Salt Lake City, UT

    Type: Blended Whiskey

    Aged: Blend 5-8 years

    High West Campfire is the world’s only blend of Scotch, bourbon and rye whiskeys. A very unusual, distinctive, yet delicious whiskey.

  • High Whiskey

  • Hudson Single Malt 46% ABV

    Distillery: TuthillTown Spirits. Gardiner, New York

    Type: Single Malt Whiskey

    Aged: 2.5-4 years

  • J
  • Jacob’s Ghost White Whiskey 40% ABV

    Distillery: James Beam Distilling Co.

    Type: White Whiskey

  • Jeremiah Weed Cinnamon 35.6% ABV

  • Jeremiah Weed Sarsaparilla 35.2% ABV

  • Journeyman Buggy Whip Wheat 45% ABV

    Distillery: Journeyman Distillery

    Type: Wheat Whiskey

    Buggy Whip Wheat is a 90 proof whiskey made from 100% Michigan wheat. It’s as soft and sweet as a Michigan autumn day and fills the palate full of caramel and vanilla. It has a single smooth note with a lasting finish.

  • Journeyman Silver Cross 45% ABV

    Distillery: Journeyman Distillery

    Type: Four Grain Whiskey

    Equal parts Rye, Wheat, Corn, and Barley the Silver Cross is truly a medley of unique flavors. Aged in small casks the Silver Cross has an incredible mouth, feel, and body. The Silver Cross is a true whiskey lovers dream. We have blended the sweet luscious caramel essence of corn whiskey to satisfy the bourbon fans, the spicy red fruit and pepper of the rye, the rich malty earth notes of the barley for the scotch aficionados, with the silky smooth, sweet finish of the wheat whiskey.

  • Journeyman Silver Cross Butter Run

  • Journeyman Three Oaks Single Malt 45% ABV

    Distillery: Journeyman Distillery

    Type: Single Malt Whiskey

    Like all of our whiskey’s Three Oaks Single Malt is a 90 proof spirit. Created from 100% two-row malted barley, this whiskey is great neat, on the rocks, or with a drop or two of water to open up this fine whiskey. Aged a total of 38 months; notes of caramel, vanilla, bourbon, fruit, and spice shine through. Best had with good friends, new friends, or old friends while reminiscing about better days gone by. – Journeyman Distillery

  • Journeyman W.R. Whiskey 45% ABV

    Distillery: Journeyman Distillery

    At 90-proof W.R. Whiskey is aged for less than 24 hours in new white oak barrels. W.R.’s mash bill is predominantly rye with a healthy dose of wheat, the same as Last Feather Rye. This is a bright and floral whiskey with flavors shining through that are often masked by the barrel. Surprisingly soft on the palette for a new-make spirit, you experience the full flavors of the grain unmolested by the barrel. Tasting the raw characteristics of the rye and wheat is a special experience.

  • JP Wiser’s 18 40% ABV

    Type: Blended Canadian Whiskey

    Aged: 18 years

    J.P. Wiser’s whiskies are known for being blended with exacting care and aged to perfection. As a blended Canadian whisky, J.P. Wiser’s 18 Years Old is a premium whisky that yields its best flavors when sipped straight, over ice, or with a small amount of water.

  • JP Wiser’s Deluxe 40% ABV

    Type: Canadian Rye Whiskey

    This award-winning, full-flavoured Canadian Rye whisky offers a rich aroma with a body that is complex and perfectly balanced. Part of One of Canada’s best-selling whisky families, it is an exceptional blend of oak, toasted grains and rich toffee, with a finish that is smooth and enduring.

  • JP Wiser’s Spiced 43% ABV

    Type: Spiced Whiskey

    J.P. Wiser’s Spiced combines the uncompromising taste of J.P. Wiser’s whisky with a hint of vanilla. It is a great tasting, versatile whisky, perfect for mixing with your favorite cocktail.

  • K
  • Kinsey 7yr 43% ABV

    Distillery: Kinsey Whiskey Distillery

    Aged: 7 years

    Kinsey 7 Year Old Whiskey is made from 100% corn, aged in reused oak cooperage, and bottled at 86.8 proof. Kinsey 7 Year Old Whiskey has also been sourced, blended and bottled by Robert J. Cassell and a former employee of Continental Distilling consulting

  • L
  • Legacy Canadian Whiskey 40% ABV

    Type: Blended Canadian Whiskey

    Legacy is a full-bodied whisky with hints of peppery spices, toffee and caramel, giving it the perfect balance of sweetness. Distillation is overseen by world renowned Master Blender, Drew Mayville.

  • Long Road Corn

  • Long Road Greylines Solshine

  • Long Road Harmony Black Squirel

  • Long Road Malt Whiskey

  • Long Road Mitten

  • Long Road Perrin Black

  • Long Road Wheat 46.5% ABV

    Distillery: Long Road Distillers

    Type: Wheat Whiskey

    Fermented and distilled from 100% Michigan Red Winter Wheat for a sweet, lingering taste and an incredibly smooth finish. Long Road Wheat Whisky, at 93 proof, is easy to drink with aromas and flavors of vanilla, butterscotch, and just enough color and flavor from the barrel. Batches #1 and #2 of Long Road Wheat Whisky have been aged 6-12 months in new american oak barrels with a #3 char.

  • M
  • Masterson’s Barley 46% ABV

    Type: Straight Barley Whiskey

    Aged: 10 years

    Masterson’s 10 Year Old Straight Barley Whiskey is crafted exclusively from Western Canadian barley. Once the grains are mashed and fermented, they are twice distilled through copper-pot stills. Following distillation, the whiskey is matured for a minimum of ten years in white oak casks, before being brought to proof with mineral-rich glacial lake water.

    Masterson’s 10 Year Old Straight Barley Whiskey has a dark amber color, along with an aroma of earthy minerals and malt. The aroma gives way to smooth notes of dried fruits, particularly oranges and apricots, that are balanced by hints of caramel and vanilla. The finish is profound yet gentle, with touches of cinnamon, oak and cedar lingering throughout.

  • Masterson’s Wheat 50% ABV

    Type: Straight Wheat Whiskey

    Aged: 12 years

    Masterson’s 12 Year Old Straight Wheat Whiskey is a limited release whiskey produced from 100% wheat and aged in white-oak casks. Smooth with hints of vanilla, wood and chocolate.

  • McCarthy’s Oregon Single Malt Whiskey 42.5% ABV

    Distillery: Hood River Distillers

    McCarthy’s® Oregon Single Malt Whiskey is distilled in a Holstein pot still using one pass distillation. This premium, non-chill filtered product is then barrel-aged in air-dried Oregon Oak barrels. The result is remarkably smooth for a 3-year-old whiskey.

  • Mellow Corn 50% ABV

    Type: Kentucky Straight Corn Whiskey

    Mellow Corn is a high-proof gold-coloured American corn whisky. As a corn whiskey, the mashbill is a minimum of 81% corn, with the remainder being a combination of malted barley and rye. A light, sweet whiskey, perfect for summer evenings.

  • Michter’s American Whiskey

  • Minor Case Revenge

  • Motor City Gas Ale No Scrapper

  • Motor City Gas Apple Sauce

  • Motor City Gas Blout

  • Motor City Gas Hopped Mess

  • Motor City Gas Loch Ness

  • Motor City Gas Shifter 6th Gear

  • Motor City Gas The Shifter

  • N
  • New Holland Cask and Smoke 45% ABV

    Distillery: New Holland Distillery

    New Holland Artisan Spirits “Cask & Smoke” Whiskey is part of their brewer’s series that celebrates the beauty that a brewer’s mash and fermentation lends to the art of distilling. Malted barley (US) and peat-smoked barely (sourced from UK), fermented in-house. Peated malts create balanced smokiness in this barley-based, barrel-aged whiskey.Twice-distilled to 140 proof. Matured in 15-gallon American white oak casks for 18 months. Non-chill filtered at bottling. Bold copper color with aromas of tropical fruit and cereal grains. Rich, full-bodied whiskey that finishes with notes gentle smoke, charred sugar and baking spices

  • New Holland Double Down 45% ABV

    Distillery: New Holland Distillery

    Small barrels accentuate and accelerate the barrel-aging process, turning smooth brewers’ wash into whiskey with barrel character well beyond their years.Twice distilled to 145 proof. Aged in various small barrels of American white oak with a heavy char. Filtered and bottled at 90 proof. A bright spirit with a caramel nose, balanced with hues of cocoa and coffee before a spicy, clove finish.

  • New Holland Hatter Royal Hopped 40% ABV

    Distillery: New Holland Distillery

  • New Holland Wheat 45% ABV

    Distillery: New Holland Distillery

    Type: Wheat Whiskey

    New Holland Bills Michigan Wheat Whiskey was named after pioneering brewer and distiller, Bill Owens who is a great mentor and friend to the New Holland management team, and founded the American Distilling Institute.

    Bill’s Michigan Wheat is distilled from wheat grown and malted in Michigan. The whiskey is distilled twice then matured in 25-gallon American oak barrels and is Non-chill filtered. Its biscuity sweet malt and toasty character is homage to craft distilling icon, Bill Owens.

  • New Holland Zeppelin Bend 45% ABV

    Distillery: New Holland Distillery, Holland, MI

    Type: Straight Malt Whiskey

    100% malted barley fermentation done in-house.
    A straight-malt whiskey, twice distilled and aged in new American oak with a heavy char. Notes of vanilla and clove arise from the slightly caramelized spirit leading to a classic American-oak finish.

  • New Holland Zepplin Bend Reserve 45% ABV

    Distillery: New Holland Distillery

    Type: Straight Malt Whiskey

    Twice distilled and matured in 53-gallon barrels for 4 years, finished in sherry casks for 9 months, then non-chill filtered and bottled and 90 proof

  • Nikka Coffey Grain 45% ABV

    Distillery: Nikka Whiskey Distilling Co

    Type: Japanese Single Malt Whisky

    A release of grain whisky from Japan’s Nikka, produced mainly from corn using one of their continuous Coffey stills. Rather than the rare and limited releases they have done before, this is a larger release to further show off this key component in the Nikka family of whiskies.

  • O
  • Old Potrero 18th Century 51.2% ABV

    Distillery: Anchor Distilling Co

    Old Potrero 18th Century Style Whiskey
    Handmade oak barrels, lightly toasted in the traditional manner, impart a wonderfully subtle flavor. In the 18th century, barrels were made by heating the staves over a fire of oak chips, allowing them to be bent and formed into a barrel shape. During this process, the inside of the barrel would become toasted, but not charred. For aging, several uncharred oak barrels, both new and used, to achieve the balanced complexity that complements this whiskey’s traditional heritage.

  • Old Saint Pete

  • Old Scout American Whiskey

  • Ole Smokey Caramel

  • Ole Smokey Mango Habanero

  • Oregon Wheat

  • Oshishi Sherry Cask

  • Oshishi Whisket

  • OYO 46% ABV

    Distillery: Middle West Spirits

    Middle West’s flagship wheat whiskey is a unique addition to the crowded field of corn-, rye-, and barley-based (blended) dark spirits. Made from 100% Ohio soft red winter wheat, OYO Whiskey is produced and aged in small batches and offers a one-of-a-kind flavor profile distinctive to its Ohio origins. The distillery uses single-source Ohio grains to emphasize regional “terroir,” and barrel-ages the whiskey in white American oak cooperage sealed with beeswax.

  • P
  • Parker’s Heritage 8-Malt 54% ABV

    Distillery: Heaven Hill Distillery

    Type: Malt Whiskey

    Aged: 8 years

    The 9th Edition of the Parker’s Heritage Collection sees a second release in a row that isn’t a bourbon after 2014’s wheat whiskey. For 2015, we’re treated to a Kentucky straight malt whiskey (65% malted barley and 35% corn matured in new oak barrels). The barrels were placed on the fifth and seventh floors of Rickhouse Y back in 2006 by Parker’s son, Craig Beam.

  • Pearse Lyons Reserve

  • Pendleton 40% ABV

    Distillery: Hood River Distillers

    Type: Canadian Whiskey

    Pendleton® Whisky is an oak barrel-aged whisky distilled in Canada using the finest ingredients. Before bottling, Hood River Distillers adds glacier-fed spring water from Mt. Hood (Oregon’s highest peak). Pendleton® Whisky delivers an uncommonly smooth taste and rich, complex flavor.

    Pendleton® Whisky was specifically created to celebrate the bold spirit of independence and hard-work ethic of the American cowboy and cowgirl. Each Pendleton® Whisky bottle prominently features the rodeo’s famous bucking horse symbol and Let’er Buck slogan.

  • Pike Creek 40% ABV

    Type: Canadian Whiskey

    A well balanced blend of dried fruits, vanilla, and toffee.
    Finished in port barrels

  • Pinckney Bend Rested 50% ABV

    Distillery: Pinckney Bend Distillery

    Type: American Whiskey

    Pinckney Bend Rested Whiskey is made from American-grown grain; 95% corn and 5% rye. It comes off the still 160 proof, and is barreled at 117 proof. Pinckney Bend Rested American Whiskey is aged for one year in a 15 gallon, #3 charred, Missouri white oak barrels.

  • Prichard’s Lincoln County 45% ABV

    Distillery: Prichard's Distillery

    There’s no denying the wonderful sweet flavor of white corn, which serves as an integral part of the mash bill for Lincoln County Lightning. Our corn whiskey is straight out of the still, bold yet surprisingly mellow, and recently named the #2 legal moonshine in the USA by Southern Living. A true testament to Tennessee and its famous white corn, Benjamin Prichard’s Lincoln County Lightning is sure to put a pep in your step.

  • R
  • Redneck Riviera

  • Rod & Rifle 40% ABV

    Distillery: Rod & Rifle Distillery

    Type: American Blended Whiskey

    American Blended Whiskey: A blend of which at least 20 percent is 100 proof straight whiskey. The rest of the blend may include other whiskey and/or neutral spirits. A small amount of sherry may also be added.

  • Rogue Dead Guy 40% ABV

    Distillery: Rogue Distillery

    Rogue’s Dead Guy family has a whole new spirit—Dead Guy Whiskey is distilled from the same three malts as Rogue’s Platinum medal-winning Dead Guy Ale. Dead Guy Whiskey, ocean-aged by both the Pacific Ocean and nearby Yaquina Bay.

  • Rogue Single Malt 40% ABV

    Distillery: Rogue Distillery

    Type: Single Malt Whiskey

    Oregon Single Malt Whiskey is plowed, disced, harrowed, seeded, fed, watered, threshed, winnowed, malted, milled, mashed, fermented, distilled, smithed, barrel-aged and bottled by hand. When you grow it, you know it.

  • S
  • Sam Houston American Whiskey 43% ABV

    Type: American Straight Whiskey

    Sam Houston is a 86 proof American straight whiskey made with Kentucky Bourbon. Perfectly aged in charred white oak barrels and hand selected for its exceptional characteristics and golden amber color. The flavor signature is bold and unique much like Sam Houston himself. The aroma brings to mind hints of caramel and vanilla which combine with the rich smoky texture to form a perfect union. A smooth and distinctive whiskey in honor of a distinguished man.

  • Seagrams 7 40% ABV

    Type: American Blended Whiskey

  • Seagrams VO 40% ABV

    Type: Canadian Blended Whiskey

    The revived version of the famous blend from the now-deceased Seagram’s conglomerate. The ‘VO’ apparently stands for ‘Very Own’ as the blend was initially conceived for the private use of the Seagram family.

  • Slaughter House 44% ABV

    Distillery: Splinter Group Spirits

    Type: American Whiskey

    Aged: 9+ years

    The Spirit
    An irresistible American Whiskey with endless layers and an everlasting finish.

    The Barrels & The Water
    After spending 9 years in American oak, the spirit was further matured in French oak barrels that previously held Napa Valley Bordeaux varietal red wine which added perfumed aromatics and rounded out the mouthfeel. The spirit was then tamed with pristine water originating from a hillside spring found on a property 2000 feet above the Alexander Valley in California.

    The Profile
    Intense and inviting with caramelized sugar, baking spices, dark fruits, butterscotch and vanilla notes. The palate is smooth, ultra rich and layered. The finish is impressive with honey, toast and loads of caramel.

  • Southern Comfort 35% ABV

    Southern Comfort was created in 1874 by a bartender who believed whiskey should be enjoyed, not endured. He took harsh whiskeys of the time and mixed them with his own blend of fruits and spices, creating a uniquely smooth and delicious drink unlike any other.

  • Spicebox 40% ABV

    Type: Canadian Spiced Whiskey

    Spicebox was inspired by crafty Canadian entrepreneurs who would smuggle contraband cargo in wooden barrels marked “SPICES”. They knew it was the perfect camouflage and that the aromatic spices would infuse the Whisky with delicious flavors, creating something extraordinary.

  • Stalk & Barrel

  • Stalk & Barrel Blue Blend

  • Stalk & Barrel Red Blend

  • Stolen Whiskey

  • Stranahan’s 47% ABV

    Distillery: Stranahan's

    Type: American Single Malt Whiskey

    This is the number one American single malt whiskey in the US.Born in the heart of the Rocky Mountains and hand-crafted from barley to bottle in our distillery. Our whiskey is non-chill filtered & well-built in small batches. – Stranahan’s

  • Stranahan’s Diamond Peak 47% ABV

    Distillery: Stranahan's

    Master distiller Rob Dietrich’s official tasting notes:

    Nose: Dried apricot, tack-shed leather, black licorice, hint of wet cedar.

    Palate: Turkish, dark roast coffee, butterscotch oak, cayenne and Mexican hot chocolate with a parting gift of a rolling creamy finish.

  • T
  • The Hakushu 12 43% ABV

    Distillery: Yamazaki Distillery

    Type: Japanese Single Malt Whisky

    Aged: 12 years

    A perennial favourite and a must-try for anyone interested in discovering Japanese whisky. Hakushu is owned by Suntory, founders of the first Japanese distillery, Yamazaki. The original Hakushu distillery was built in 1973, with another distillery building called Hakushu Higashi (west) added in 1981.

  • Tin Cup 42% ABV

    Distillery: TINCUP

    Type: Blended American Whiskey

    TINCUP is a blend of two great American whiskeys, each aged in #3 charred oak barrels. “High rye” bourbon, distilled and aged in Indiana, is blended with a small amount of Colorado single malt whiskey. These whiskeys are then cut with Rocky Mountain water. TINCUP is named for the Colorado mining pioneers and the tin cups from which they drank their whiskey.

  • Tin Cup 10yr

  • Two James Johnny Smoking Gun 43.5% ABV

    Distillery: Two James Distillery

    Johnny Smoking Gun is a story of East Meets West. A Whiskey crafted specifically to compliment the “umami” of the rich pork and fish broths of Japanese cuisine. This delicate smoky blend of 70% corn and 30% rye will surely not disappoint. Enjoy! 87 Proof

  • V
  • Virginia Prelude & Conviction

  • Virginia Black

  • Virginia Highland Malt 46% ABV

    Distillery: Virginia Distillery Co

    Type: Highland Malt Whisky

    Our flagship Virginia Highland Malt arrives to us as a malt whisky from the Scottish Highlands and is finished in port-style wine casks sourced from local Virginia wineries. We bottle in small batches and release additional batches as we sell out. – Virginia Distillery Co

  • W
  • Wasmund’s Single Malt 48% ABV

    Distillery: Copper Fox Distillery

    Type: American Single Malt Whiskey

    An American single malt produced in Virginia at the Copper Fox distillery. This is made with malt which has been dried using apple and cherry wood.

  • Westland 46% ABV

    Distillery: Westland Distillery

    Type: American Single Malt Whiskey

    A flagship malt is the core expression of a distillery’s house style. Westland’s American Oak is a reflection of where it is made and the collective intent of those who made it. When we founded Westland Distillery, we had a vision for an entirely new category of whiskey. Distilled from the rich, flavorful barley of Washington State and matured predominantly in new American oak casks in the steady, cool humidity of our seaside home, this whiskey is a testament to that vision. All of these choices and ingredients conspire to create an approachable, mature and uniquely American single malt that can stand with the best whiskies in the world. – Westland Distillery

  • Westland Peated

  • Whitetail Caramel Flavored Whiskey 40% ABV

    Type: Flavored Whiskey

    Whitetail is caramel flavored

  • Y
  • Yamazaki 12 Year 43% ABV

    Distillery: Yamazaki Distillery

    Type: Japanese Single Malt Whisky

    Aged: 12 years

  • Yamazaki 18 Year 43% ABV

    Distillery: Yamazaki Distillery

    Type: Japanese Single Malt Whisky

    Aged: 18 years

    Extremely smooth, with great complexity and a lovely balance of fruit, silky malt and a touch of smoke.

  • Yellow Rose Blended 40% ABV

    Distillery: Yellow Rose Distilling

    Type: Blended Whiskey

    “Yellow Rose Blended Whiskey is a fusion of character just like Texas culture. A perfect blend of southern charm and rustic cowboy ensures a smooth drinking whiskey with plenty of heart. Our blended whiskey is fuller flavor than typical Canadian blends due to a higher bourbon content.” Yellow Rose Distilling

  • Yellow Rose Outlaw 46% ABV

    Distillery: Yellow Rose Distilling

    “Yellow Rose Outlaw Bourbon breaks all traditional bourbon laws just like the Outlaws of the old west. Made from 100% corn our recipe produces a sweet flavor we know you will enjoy. Aged in small American oak barrels, Outlaw Bourbon is a full flavored drink with warm caramel and vanilla overtones. Not many distillers still use a traditional pot still, but we believe this helps us produce a true small batch whiskey.” Yellow Rose Distilling

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