Legend of the Butter Run

It has been 30 some odd years since the first Butter Run took place. Grandma and Grandpa Chartier were in route to their house in Au Gres after wintering in Florida as they did every year. At some point either Mom or Grandma (we have checked with all the original participants and the memories are foggy as to some specific details) asked Grandpa to run out for some butter. He rounded up Dad, me, Uncle Frank, brother John and brother-in-law Steve. We drove to the old Bennett’s market on Jefferson for some butter and that’s when it all started.

Now Grandpa liked his beer. After picking up the butter, he suggested we walk over to Pat Obrien’s for a quick one. A few hours later we found our way home with the butter.

Grandpa and Dad have passed away but the family tradition continues whenever we get together. At some point, one of the brothers will announce it’s time for a “Butter Run” and off we go. Our wives and girlfriends have come to expect it.

Fully four generations have now gone on a “Butter Run”. We invite you to start your tradition here at the Butter Run Saloon. Enjoy the food and spirits and make your own “Butter Run” memories. Dave Harden proprietor.